Adopted: Stunning, Bright Eyed AMBER!

AmberAmber is a very unique looking girl with a gorgeous tortoiseshell coat. In spring 2012 she was living outside at a gas station, heavily pregnant with nowhere safe to have her kittens, when one of TCR’s fosters brought her home. That night she delivered six healthy, adorable little ones in the bathtub! Amber was an excellent mom, and since her kittens all found happy homes she would like a forever home to call her own.

Amber is very sweet, but since she had to grow up quickly and learn to fend for herself, she is very shy and nervous around people she doesn’t know. It will take a patient, loving owner and some time for her to settle and be comfortable in her new surroundings, but once she feels comfortable she is very affectionate. Amber gets along fine with other cats, and would also do very well in a home on her own as long as her owners give her time and space to come out of her shell, and give her lots of love when she does! She gets scared easily and may not do well with frequent changes, young children or dogs. She would be a great apartment cat with someone who is home often, and would suit a quiet home where she can be loved, pampered and played with.

Amber was born June 1, 2011 and is spayed and vaccinated.

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