ADOPTED: Pandora

pandora11Pandora came to TCR after the Muskoka flooding. She was nursing nine newborn babies at the time, eight of which survived. When the babies were just starting to wean, Pandora developed a severe mammary infection which was life threatening and which left her babies to be hand-reared. She spent a few weeks in critical care at the vet, and thankfully made a full recovery. She has been reunited with her babies and spends her days making up for her lost time of motherhood; she plays with her kittens and tenderly grooms each one.

Pandora is very self-confident, gentle, sweet natured and strong. There are no wasted movements; every move she makes is with economy and purpose. You can see her happy satisfaction with life as she stretches out on the carpet. She is so easy and calm. She gets along with other cats but is also fine to be the only spoiled princess in her forever home.

Pandora was born DOB June 13, 2011 and is spayed and vaccinated.   Pandora has been ADOPTED!!

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