Twister Loves To Twist!


Meet the handsome Twister – aptly named as he loves to twist around his foster mom’s legs for attention. Twister is a very good looking cat with unique brown highlights throughout his black fur and beautiful golden yellow eyes.

Twister loves attention from the humans in his life and bonds quickly with them. He loves to sleep on the bed, cuddle in for a nap or curl up on the couch to watch a movie. When you pet him he melts under your hand and it looks like he is smiling. He is not always a fan of being picked up. Twister also loves to play with toys. He really likes the nylon tunnel in his foster home and will play in that for hours.

Although Twister is used to other cats and dogs from his foster home he would be happy to live as an only pet in a home because then he doesn’t have to share all of the attention! Twister’s foster mom feels he would be best adopted into a home with older children as the does sometimes get over stimulated and gives love bites. Twister is an amazing cat and he’s just waiting for his forever family to come and adopt him so he can prove to them how great he is!

Twister was born December 17, 2012. and has been neutered and vaccinated.

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