Adopt Sheldon – he needs you!

sheldon2Update: Sheldon has been adopted!!

Sheldon would love to be adopted into his forever home!  He is a cuddly white and brown tabby who was abandoned on a TTC subway train this spring. He was owned at one point as he is used to the indoors. Sheldon is a gentleman. He is not fussy about food, and extremely clean, not to mention his fluffy butterscotch good-looks. He’s been hurt before, and needs a loving and patient family. Once you win his love, he’s yours forever. It may take a few patient days, but he’ll eventually spend the evenings cuddling on your chest and purring himself to sleep. We do not know his history with other cats or dogs.

Sheldon was born June 1, 2007 and is neutered, vaccinated and declawed.

3 Comments on “Adopt Sheldon – he needs you!

  1. Indeed that’s why I adopted Sheldon, he’s such a sweetie !! I so adork him too bits ! I also adopted Raven from the TRC, I give huge credit to these amazing fosters who care for these wonderful animals, before adoption. I adopted Raven, when we had to sadly let our polly pass, we knew we had to do it again, & when I saw Sheldon my heart broke. I deal w/ panic attacks/& I know that TTC thing. I had to help him if I could. He’s doing so good! Raven has opened him up huge teaching him too be a cat, he’s safe & loved. I get more love from these guys then you could ever imagine. Takes time, & I’m here for them for life. 🙂
    Don’t worry he’s a safe big boy now !! 🙂 And has his black Beauty Miss Raven 🙂

    Save a life !! Support TRC !

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