2 is better than 1

For the month of July adopt a pair of cats for only $250, and save $100! 

Bill & Ted

Bill & Ted

Mix and Match“: Adopt two kittens, adopt a mom and her kitten, adopt two bonded adults, adopt a senior and a young cat, adopt siblings, adopt a black male with a white female, adopt two orange tabbies, adopt a calico and a brown tabby, etc… If you adopt two felines in July you will adopt two amazing friends, and save $100 off our regular adoption fee (normally $350 for a pair).

Two is too much work“: Thinking that that having two companion animals is double the work, think again! Adopting a pair can actually end up being less work because they will play and keep each other company (and you don’t have to feel guilty when you leave the home!).  They will be on the same feeding schedule and you still have to clean the litter box whether there is one kitty or two in the home.

With over 100,000 homeless cats in Toronto, we need amazing adopters more than ever.  When you adopt a cat from Toronto Cat Rescue you save two lives; the one you adopt and the one you make room for. All of our cats on the Available For Adoption page are already spayed/neutered and vaccinated with age appropriate vaccinations – they just need a forever home… hopefully with you! 

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