$100 Adoption Fee In June!


Adopt Steven!

June is all about adults cats at Toronto Cat Rescue!  All of our gorgeous cats born prior to October 2012 have a reduced adoption fee of $100 for the month of June (vs. our standard $175). These stunning felines are getting over looked because kitten season has begun, so we are hoping to help them get noticed with a reduced fee.

1. Did you know that at this time of year everyone wants to adopt a kitten? Why not adopt an adult that already knows his/her manners and household etiquette.

2. Did you know that an adult cat is much less demanding than a kitten? Adult cats are frequently more at ease being left at home for extended periods of time than a little kitten.

3. Did you know that some adult cats don’t photograph well? Don’t pick a cat just by looks or cuteness factor. Much like humans, cats should not be judged by their outer beauty alone. The MOST important aspect of having a great adult cat is their inner beauty. Come and meet some of amazing adult cat at their foster locations.

4. Did you know that many adult cats can be adopted into a single cat home? Adult cats are much more cat-knowledgeable about finding their own sources of entertainment.

5. Did you know that some of these amazing adult cats have been waiting for years now to find their forever homes? How rewarding would it be to give them a home – don’t forget that you save two lives every time you adopt: the one you are adopting and the one you are making space for at the foster home.

ALL cats in the Young, Adult or Senior sections on our Adoptable Cats page are $100 – it is a great deal as you get an amazing new family member that has been spayed/neutered, vaccinated and comes with six weeks of complementary pet insurance!

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