Special Foster Homes Needed


These kittens are currently in need of being rescued.

TCR is in desperate need of socialization foster homes.  During this time of year, TCR finds litters of kittens outdoors or in colonies that need some work to socialize them so they are ready for adoptive homes.  At this time, TCR is not able to rescue many of these kinds of cases because we do not have foster homes who are willing to take them.  TCR rescues kittens under 8 weeks of age who can be socialized easily before adoption.

Socializing can be a highly rewarding experience for a rescuer.  Often, all it takes is a small space (like a bathroom), treats, and tonnes of cuddles and playing to help a kitten become used to being around people and ready for adoption.  Not only does a foster home know they have saved a life, they get the satisfaction and fulfillment from knowing how they helped kittens become affectionate and friendly house pets.  Foster Home Coordinators and experienced foster homes are here to support you through your fostering experience and give you tips and tricks to help your fosters along.  If you are interested in this kind of experience, please fill out our online foster application and indicate in the comments section that you are able to help socialization cases.

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  1. I trapped an adult feral cat in a live trap that was ripping open my garbage and just sitting under my neighbours cars every night in the middle of the winter. He would come on my porch to eat dry food but if he saw me even looking at him through the window, he would run. It took a long time but he is pretty darn close to my normal cats. He still hisses at my kids after 2.5 years, and I can only touch him if you corner him in a room, but I am pretty amazed at how well he has done. I have 5 cats in total and he NEVER fought with any of my cats from day one. He goes in and out (I have to stand to the side and leave the door open while I keep calling his name) and will now come to me for treats. Pretty amazing and for sure rewarding! I think most of Toronto’s feral cats, kittens and adults could be socialized into a home if there were people willing to take them.

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