Marvin & Seuss – Two Very Loving Lads

marvinseussMarvin and Seuss are the most gentle, calm and loving pair you could hope for. These brothers have never been apart and they really do enjoy each others company. You’ll find them grooming each other, playing, or just hanging out. They love to snuggle under your bedspread (no need for electric blankets!) and when you are around they’ll come say hi, crawl onto your lap and nuzzle up to you. They’re cheerful and oh so chilled out. If you want companions that will just fit right in with your lifestyle, these boys are perfect! They have never been outdoors, and they are in perfect health.

Marvin is a lap cat, he’ll curl up and go straight to sleep. He likes to hide in small, dark places when left alone, but comes out immediately for affection when you come home. He can be a little shy, but loves cuddles once he feels safe. He often meows when you wake up in the morning until you pat his head to say hello!

Seuss (named after the Dr.!) is braver than Marvin he’ll always check things out to let Marvin know everything is okay. He loves to roll upside down on your lap, and he is more likely to sleep right next to your or behind your head than on your lap. He can be quite playful at times, a bit more than Marvin. He broke his hip joint from his femur as a kitten (had surgery, no problems since, but one leg is an inch shorter now) and he can be a bit clumsy. He likes to be picked up and thrown over your shoulder. He will purr up a storm and hang out there as long as you let him, its adorably cute!

The brothers were adopted together many years ago. Their owner became very allergic to them and had to surrender them back to us.  Please give them their forever home!

Marvin and Seuss were born DOB March 1, 2003 and has been neutered and vaccinated.   To adopt, call us 416-538-8592, press #1 / email us: / fill in our adoption online form on our Adopt A Cat page.

4 Comments on “Marvin & Seuss – Two Very Loving Lads

  1. Hi,

    Do they accept other animals because I have 3 bunnies at home ?


    • We can’t say for sure – they are flexible dudes, but have never been around rabbits. That said, rabbits and cats normally get along.

      • I would like to try if they can accommodate with us , please let me know how should I proceed , thanks.

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