Happy Adoption: Little Foot

Little Foot is a handsome little fellow who had been in Toronto Cat Rescue foster care since he was a kitten.  You may remember him, as we had featured him at different times throughout the years.  Happily, this October Little Foot was adopted and is now a beloved member of his forever family. Here is an awesome adoption note that was shared by his mama Selena:

“I am over the moon happy. Little Foot’s foster family was absolutely wonderful and I know it was a mixed blessing for them to have to say goodbye after having him in their home for nearly a year and a half, but they took such good care of him.

The moment I looked into Little Foot’s eyes, I felt like I had always known him and when it was time to go, he walked right into the carrier which I’m told is completely unheard of because normally he goes AWOL as soon as a carrier is seen. But he settled in the carrier quickly as if it were meant to be.

Adopted: Little FootI fell in love with him the moment he came into the system but having an elderly cat, it would have stressed her out too much to bring him into my home when she enjoyed being on her own so much and I figured he would be long gone by the time she passed and I would be ready to adopt again. But sweet Destiny passed in July and I swear it’s like Little Foot was waiting for me.

I’m a firm believer that your pets pick you.

Selena – we agree with you!  We want to thank all of our amazing adopters, and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

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  1. You are making me cry. I totally agree that this little foot was waiting for you. It was meant to be. Sorry for your loss but little foot will give you so much joy for years to go. I have a 21 year old calico who is healthy and gives me so much love. I think she will live into her 30’s. Cats can live long lives and 12 year old does not seem old for a cat anymore. Here’s wishing you and little foot years of joy and happiness and good health. I lost a cat at age 17 and when I saw a cat that looked like him, I adopted lynx. He was so affectionate and gave kisses. I know it was meant to be because he gave me so much confort when I was grieving the loss of Spanky. God bless you and little foot.

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