TCR 2012 Tax Receipt Information

Deadline January 15, 2013.

GE DIGITAL CAMERAThe end of 2012 is quickly approaching.  Just a few reminders for TCR volunteers who will be submitting TCR expense receipts (food, litter, foster cat vet bills etc.) for an income tax receipt.

  • deadline January 15, 2013
  • original 2012 receipts only (2011 receipts can no longer be accepted)
  • include a spreadsheet with receipts listed in the same order that they are submitted
  • total of all receipts should be clearly marked on the spreadsheet
  • please group like receipts (e.g. Petsmart, Costco, Pet Valu) together
  • please indicate clearly what are TCR purchases if the entire receipt is not for TCR
  • provide name and mailing address to be used on the tax receipt on the spreadsheet
  • send hard copy of spreadsheet along with all original receipts to the TCR PO Box (do not email your spreadsheet)
  • send all receipts in one envelope
  • credit card payment slips cannot be accepted
  • parking tickets cannot be accepted
  • gas receipts cannot be accepted (see information for mileage calculation)
  • mileage can be claimed on a separate spreadsheet.  List all kms driven as well as purpose for drive.  Calculate total # of kms.  A tax receipt will be provided based on $0.53 for the first 5000km and $0.47 for any remaining kms. e.g.January 20, 2012       Hamilton 150km / January 30, 2012  XYZ vet 40km / TOTAL 190km
  • it can take up to 2 months to get your tax receipt to you – get them in early to guarantee that they can be processed by tax time.

* All receipts and spreadsheets are carefully checked.  If there is a discrepancy in the calculation, it can delay you receiving your tax receipt.
* For foster homes, please refer to your FAQ package for more details

2 Comments on “TCR 2012 Tax Receipt Information

  1. What do you mean by hard copy? You want us to send a disk with the spreadsheet on it??? Is that what you mean??

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