12 Cats of Christmas

We are pleased to introduce our 12 Cats of Christmas – these darlings can’t wait to be part of a loving family and celebrate the magic of Christmas in their forever homes!  To adopt please call us 416-538-8592, press #1 / email us: tcr.adoptions@gmail.com / fill in our adoption online form on our Adopt A Cat page. Thank you – the cats can’t wait to meet YOU!!

lineRaven ChristmasThe first cat of Christmas is as sweet as she can be!
Raven is the colour of black tea.
Charming, playful and loving, you will see…
She would never chase a partridge in a tree.

linebinaThe second cat of Christmas is a curious little girl,
Cute as a button, full of love for her human,
Bina can be snuggled, the only pet you’ll ever need.
Please give her a home this Christmas Eve!


Celine Christmas

The third cat of Christmas is as regal as a Queen,
The pretty tabby girl called Celine!
She likes to be brushed, and would love some kitty friends,
And won’t be as noisy as french hens.


The fourth cat of Christmas is cute at first glance,
Peaceful and relaxing, calm and easy-going,
Wants to love her human, all she needs is her Chance!
(No calling birds for her though)


The fifth cat of Christmas is actually one of two!
Moby is a sweetheart, with reddish golden fur,
He loves to snuggle his Monika, without a care in the world.
They want their own home now, they’ve been waiting for fur-ever…


Fion Christmas

The sixth cat of Christmas is sweet little Fion!
She’s wrapped in stripes of colour, loves to kiss her human,
plays hide and seek for hours, takes long kitty showers,
and will explore her new home for… hours!




The seventh cats of Christmas are a purr-fectly matched pair…
Sailor is the sister, Mogley is her brother,
They’re always together, loving one another,
Funny little furballs, that will always entertain you…
Bring them home for Christmas, it’s the nicest thing to do.




The eighth cat of Christmas comes in a bonded pair.
With 8 prancing paws, 4 listening ears, 2 twitching noses, all wrapped up in fur
Cazzy and Mimi are so loving, the purr-fect little dears,
And would love to find a home together this year.

lineMoon Christmas

The ninth cat of Christmas is the ever sweet wee Moon.
Likes to tell a story, will talk to you for hours,
Just needs your attention, let her know that you love her…
And she will purr away the afternoon!


The tenth cat of Christmas are the sweetest furry pair.
Goldfinger is the baby, Silver is her Mama,
They must stay together cause they love one another….
They’re still looking for a family, that will keep them once they’re home….
Christmas isn’t time to be alone….

lineNorma Jean Christmas

The eleventh cat of Christmas is an all around sweet soul.
Laid back and very social…
Sweet Norma Jean is purr-fect…
Will make a great companion, likes all pets and people,
Just wishes Santa would find her fur-ever home.

lineSam Christmas

The twelfth cat of Christmas is the strong and silent Sam.
Lost as a wee kitten, found by loving humans,
Purrs louder than a motor, wants a family of his own…
For Christmas he is wishing for a home!


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  1. I think the work you do to find these cats homes is fabulous.

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