Adopt Fun-Loving Lyall

Adopt Charming Lyall!

Update: Lyall has been adopted by his loving foster family (which includes a fun-loving kitty!).

You could call Lyall “Mr. Personality”, he is such a smart and complex little character, who is almost dog-like in his antics. One of those rare cats that could turn a “dog person” into a “cat person”. His foster mom remarks that she has never met such a special and unique cat before! He is very playful, super affectionate and very interactive. He is such a social boy and would be over the moon if he could go to a forever home with another cat to play with. Due to his laid back personality, he could probably do well in a home with a dog as well. He thrives on love, so he must go to a home which will provide him with lots of it. He would be amazing in a family with children as he is so gentle and engaging.

Lyall likes to be where the action is and will follow his mom around wherever she goes. He has the softest fur and is a snuggler. His favourite thing to do is to get up close to your face, put a paw on either side, and lean in for a long hug and a kiss on your chin. Had a bad day? This guy will cheer you up. He loves to give gifts. His foster mom often wakes up covered in socks, mittens, and other assorted items that he has found around the house and left as gifts in the night.  He’s polite though, and always waits for her alarm to wake her up and show off his hard work. He loves all kinds of toys and his favourite game is playing “fetch” with his foster mom

Lyall is an all round wonderful cat! He was diagnosed as having FIV and as a result, has an immune system that is a little weaker than a cat that does not have FIV. Cats that have FIV can live a long and healthy lives, provided they live in a stress free environment, and have an excellent diet. Cats with FIV do have weaker immune systems so need to be monitored for any health issues.  Lyall is currently taking an inexpensive medication that works to boost his immunity. He is experiencing excellent results with this medication and the TCR vet recommends he continue on it indefinitely. He is on a liquid that he takes every other week and he is excellent in taking his medication with a dropper, or in his food.  He can live harmoniously with another welcoming indoor cat who is vaccinated.  FIV is only transmitted through deep bite wounds so it is not a risk to non-FIV+ cats to live with FIV cats as long as they are calm and friendly with other animals.

Lyall has been neutered, vaccinated and was born March 31, 2012.

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