Update: Scotiabank Marathon

On Sunday October 14th 2012, a brave group of TCR volunteers woke up in the early hours of the morning and walked and ran through stormy weather in the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon. By the end of the event our cat costumes looked more like drowned rats, but it was a great time nonetheless!

Our team members participated in not only the 5K, but also the 20K and 40K marathons – totaling an incredible 43 participants! Months of preparation and pledge-raising really paid off – literally! In the last week before the event our team surpassed our ambitious goal to raise $25,000 and continued to raise more than we ever could have expected. All in all, the 2012 team raised just over $31,400, which is just under double the amount raised last year. All of this money will be put towards needy foster cats and feral cat colonies in TCR’s care, once we receive it from Scotiabank in the coming months.

Our top fundraiser, Nalini, shares how she raised her donations: “I set a goal to raise something (anything) every single day since I registered on September 1st.

I asked for the support from family and friends and for corporate sponsors through work affiliations. Facebook brought in some pledges too. I continue to foster relationships with colony caregivers I’ve helped with Trap-Neuter-Return work in the past and they are great for ongoing financial support. I checked with local pubs, and got one response which totaled a donation of $445. I put out a pledge sheet at two local Global Pet stores.

I did nothing special really, other than have the courage to ASK as many people as I could and to spread the word everywhere. And I stayed on top of it – the key is constant follow up as people tend to forget. It’s important not to let it go stale or you can lose the donor quickly. It’s shocking the response you can get if you ask nicely!

I really feel that the relationships I build and maintain with animal lovers has been my greatest ally in fundraising. The landlord of the building I work in LOVES cats, so they donated $400 online then another $1500 last Friday. And I’ve collected almost all of the money, which is another important part.

My passion for TNR is what drove me, and I found that passion can be infectious. Even people who don’t care for cats are moved by the good work TCR and our volunteers do!”

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this amazing fundraiser, be it by pledging our team or a participant or by signing up for the team yourself. We are excited to set an even more ambitious goal for next year’s event!

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