Update: Missy The Lap Dog

Missy is a very lucky little dog – read her story here.  We have a happy update to share with everyone.  Missy has had her surgery and is recovering very well. She still has one small mammary tumour remaining and Grade 4 luxating patellas in her back legs that could use work, but we are not sure if it is something that we should put her under for surgery again for.  She is much much happier and not nearly as uncomfortable and anxious as she was before.  She also spent a day at the spa and looks fabulous!

The best news is that sweet Missy has been adopted – she is now in her forever home!  She has a loving family that includes some feline friends.  Her mom shares: “She’s an absolute treasure!!!! Everyone who meets her falls in love with her!“. 

Thank you to everyone who donated to Missy’s surgery and care, and shared her story – because of you she is one very happy little dog.  A very special thanks to her foster mom and to Homeward Bound Rescue.

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  1. Oh Missy, I am so glad that she’s feeling better and has been adopted. Her story touched me deeply. Could you please give us an update every now and then as to how Missy is doing.

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