Adopt a Feisty, Fun-Loving Cat – Adopt Stella!

Happy News: Stella has been adopted!

Stella is a little purr machine who’s has a lovely little wild streak too. Want a feisty cat, one who can teach you how to play volleyball, keep you grounded as she relaxes on your knees and send you into a blissful trance with her purring?  Stella is for you!  She had a rough start in life at a colony of cats where she was an obvious misfit, preferring the comforts of a loving home. Her wild streak is still evident, but with care, she continues to mellow.  She is a real bundle of energy too, loving to playing with a ball by chasing an easily made toy of scrunched up newspaper!

Stella was recently diagnosed with FIV, which she most likely contracted at some point while she was living as a stray. Even though Stella is FIV positive, she is a very healthy girl. She was rescued from a colony and was suffering from a respiratory infection, but is now fully recovered and loves her indoor life. FIV+ cats may have compromised immune systems making them more vulnerable to infections and other conditions. FIV+ cats, however, can live long, healthy lives, especially with a good diet and indoor living. It is also possible for FIV+ cats to live with other cats who do not have the virus themselves as it is only transmitted through aggressive fighting and biting. However, Stella is a bit of a diva and would likely do best in a home as an only cat.

Stella was born May 5, 2011 and has been spayed and vaccinated.  ADOPTED!!

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