Rescue In Action: Meet Missy

A TCR volunteer was recently contacted by a superintendent of an apartment building regarding some cats that had been left behind by a previous tenant.  She agreed to assess the situation to see how building management and TCR could work collaboratively to find the cats new homes.  What she found when she arrived shocked her.  In addition to 17 cats and kittens left for days with no food or water, she found Missy.  Missy was in deplorable condition.  She was severely dehydrated, filthy and had been eating from bags of aquarium gravel left behind.  Most shockingly of all was the massive size of the mammary tumours hanging off her.  A TCR volunteer immediately rushed her to a vet, where it was determined that Missy is also a senior, deaf, blind and what is left of her teeth is rotten.  Further information revealed that Missy had been used her entire life for breeding.  A call was made to Homeward Bound Rescue (HBR), a dog rescue, who agreed to partner with TCR to help little Missy.

After several days of hospitalization on IV fluids and antibiotics, Missy is feeling much better.  Her xrays show that there are no large tumours on her other organs, and her blood work is consistent with that of a geriatric dog.  Weighing just 10lbs, Missy is the sweetest little lap dog imaginable.  She has not given up on life or humans, and just wants to snuggle and give kisses.  Her largest tumour is the size of a grapefruit and it is very uncomfortable for her.  She has difficulty walking and laying down due to its size.  We do not know how long Missy has to live, but we know she is prepared to fight for her life.  We want to remove the tumour to make her retirement as comfortable as possible.   This is a risky surgery for her and will be very expensive.  Thankfully the cats were in much better condition than Missy and arrangements for their temporary care have been made.

Homeward Bound is a small rescue and together we desperately need your help for sweet Missy.  Donations can be made online to HBR through Canada Helps.  Please make a note in the comments section that the money is for Missy.  Any donations received by TCR for Missy will also be directly applied to her vetting costs.  Missy’s life up until now has been a living hell.  Let’s show Missy that they are compassionate people out there that do care about her.

32 Comments on “Rescue In Action: Meet Missy

  1. I have donated and I am so relieved to hear that she is with a foster home while on the road to recovery. How can she be adopted?

  2. Missy’s plight has gone viral … and I hope the donations for her treatment are pouring in. Please keep us updated on her status – she doesn’t know it but many, many people are rooting for her!

  3. Oh Missy, you sweet, sweet angel. We love you. I’ve donated, please everyone continue to do so.

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