Our Little Survivor – Meet Pinky Pie

Update: Pinky Pie is now in her forever home!!

Pinky Pie, a 10 week old kitten, was found abandoned in a north end parking garage with a severely injured leg and unable to walk at all.  The kind couple that found her contacted TCR after being told from other shelters that she would be euthanized.  Within hours, Pinky arrived at the vet, was given pain killers and had her leg stabilized in a splint until her x-rays could be done.  During the whole process she purred and kneaded her little paws in joy over being saved.  Her x-rays showed that her leg was shattered and that amputation would be the best solution for her.  The surgery was scheduled for later in the week, and the clinic having fallen in love with Pinky Pie, was happy to have her stay as a guest in the mean time.  The following day however, Pinky started to go downhill.  She became lethargic and refused to eat.  She could not lift her head from her blanket and her purr was gone.  Blood tests showed that Pinky was in kidney failure, likely a result of injury to her kidneys.  She was placed on IV and everybody held their breath over the next few days hoping the renal failure would reverse as her kidneys healed.  The positive vibes worked and Pinky slowly gained energy and her appetite returned.  More blood was taken to confirm that her kidneys had indeed healed and that all her blood values were normal.

Pinky Pie came through her amputation surgery the following day with flying colours.  As soon as she woke up she was once again purring.  The following evening she was off to her foster home, where after tipping over only a couple of times, she began to race around the house and even climb up on the couch.

Pinky is the sweetest kitten imaginable.  She does not let her disability slow her down at all.  She is a snuggly kitten who loves to curl up on your chest as you watch TV or cuddle beside you in bed at night. Pinky is just happy to be alive.  Pinky’s vet care was very expensive and we need your help.  Please donate to Toronto Cat Rescue to help Pinky Pie and other cats in desperate need of help.  Donate online via CanadaHelps or click to see our many Ways To Donate page – your generosity is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Anyone who would abandon a poor little animal if found should be punished.We have three cats that are treated like gold and are dearly loved.

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