Please Adopt Dirty Chin & Rusty

Dirty Chin and Rusty are two amazing brothers seeking a home together. They were born December 14th, 2010 and have been neutered and vaccinated.  Their foster mom tells them every day that they are two of the most loved kitties in the world (and to tell you the truth, they love her just as much, telling her by “squeeking” it to her – she says it is the cutest little sound)!

Their foster mom rescued them from a not-so-good situation outside and boy, are they thankful she did. The winter had just arrived and she took them inside and gave them a warm place to sleep and a lot (and we mean a lot) of nice food in their bellies.

Rusty and Dirty Chin show her how thankful they are everyday by rolling on the ground and allowing her to pet their bellies and give them kisses – the things they “allow”, just to make their foster mom happy! Okay, so maybe they enjoy it as well, but don’t tell her that!

Their foster mom will only allow they boys to go to the VERY best of the best home (a purr-fect matched home). Where thet will be part of their family and where they will never have to switch homes and where Rusty and DIrty Chin will remain together fur-ever. My foster mom told Rusty and Dirty Chin that they will always have each other, that they will never be separated as they are the purr-fect pair and love each other very much.

Rusty and Dirty Chin are two lovable clowns that enjoy playing with their toys, amusing themselves during the day and cuddling with their humans at night. They sleep on the bed with their foster mom and it is the BEST thing ever as they are really great cuddlers! Will you be that lucky one(s) that gets to cuddle with the boys at bedtime? They sure hope so

To adopt the boys please call us 416-538-8592, press #1 / email us: / fill in our adoption online form on our Adopt A Cat page.

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