TCR Desperate for Foster Homes with No Pets

Toronto Cat Rescue has a growing need for volunteer foster families with no other pets in their home.  Most of our foster cats get along very well with other animals, but currently we have several that really prefer to be on their own to receive lots of human love!  We are seeking foster homes in downtown Toronto, the GTA and Kitchener.

This is a great opportunity for:

1. Families who have never had a pet before (or it has been some time since you have had an animal) to see if a furry friend will match your lifestyle.

2. College or university students seeking a study-buddy during the school year.

3. Someone who is moving or traveling in the near (or distant) future and cannot adopt an animal long-term, but would love the temporary companionship a kitty can offer.

THE KITTIES NEED YOU! If you are able to provide a safe, loving home for a cat who is sensitive to having other animals around, please apply today by filling in our Foster Home Application. We will always be able to fill your home with a purr-fect companion as there are always many, many cats in need of rescuing!!

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  1. Hello

    Are you still needing foster parents for cats? We’re in downtown Toronto.



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