Desperate To Stay Together

Update: Fabulous news – the gals have been adopted together and are now in their forever home!

Meet Asher and Aristotle – two sweet, bonded, declawed sisters.  The have been together eight years and completely love one another.  These girls were in a home and the new baby was severely allergic to cats.  The owners tried to find the girls a new home, but were unable.  Asher and Aristotle found themselves dumped in a shelter – absolutely terrified.  One day they had been in their happy home, the next in a noisy, scary cage.  The shelter worker was nice, and advocated for them to be rescued and kept together.  A Toronto Cat Rescue foster home took them in and showed them kindness.  The girls started to feel more comfortable and at ease.  They are healthy sisters, who will curl up and sleep together.  TCR feels the sisters need to stick together forever – please take these easy going cats into your home!

Because we would love to have them adopted quickly, they have a reduced adoption fee of $200 for the pair (vs. $175 each).  They have been spayed, vaccinated and declawed and were born July 1, 2004.

3 Comments on “Desperate To Stay Together

  1. Great work finding them a forever home together!!! Such a happy story.

  2. These kind of stories always break my heart – poor babies. I hope someone gives these beautiful girls a nice home – at their age, they deserve it!

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