Bear Seeking Forever Family!


Bear is a handsome young man with an incredibly gentle disposition. He was born in a crowded North Toronto garage cat colony but was rescued from the cruel winter weather in November of last year. Unfortunately Bear was a little bit older than we usually take feral kittens in and so he has taken a while to come out of his shell. With tonnes of TLC however Bear has grown into a lovely cat.

Bear’s greatest trait is that he is an absolute suck and loves other cats. If you have a young, boisterous and active cat Bear is a wonderful equalizer. In his current foster home he is the calm and quiet one whereas his kitty friend loves to jump circles around him (if he is not jumping directly on him), and Bear doesn’t mind any of it. He loves to cuddle with his kitty friends and to groom and be groomed, so he would likely bond very well to most cats in a potential adoptive home. He is also a young cat and is active as well; his two favourite activities are sitting at the window and inhaling any catnip available to him. Bear LOVES to have his cheeks and bum scratched, but is not a fan of being picked up. He does not have an aggressive bone in his body, but he is a bit of a hider when new people come over, so patience will be key for his new home to bond with him at first.

Bear would do best in a small quiet apartment without children – but at least one other confident cat is a must for him! Please open your heart and home to this lovely boy. He can only continue to thrive and grow once he finds his forever home.

Bear was born August 27, 2011 and has been neutered and vaccinated.

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  1. Bear is a real morning cat. He loves to chirp at you in the mornings when all you want to do is stay under the covers, and he will enthusiastically ask for pets and start rolling around for belly rubs. He’s a real treat!
    -his foster mom

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