Kitty Cuddlers Needed In Mississauga!

Volunteers 18 years or older are needed at Toronto Cat Rescue’s affiliated PetSmart location in Mississauga. We are currently seeking daytime volunteers to visit the cats in-store to make sure they have fresh food and water, clean bedding, dishes and litter boxes, as well as spend time cuddling and playing with the kitties! Training is provided. Please fill in our Volunteer Application if you would like to help!  We are back at our Mississauga location in September (alternating each month). We would love to have you as part of our team!

PetSmart Mississauga: 3105 Argentia Rd. / 905-785-2816 / map

2 Comments on “Kitty Cuddlers Needed In Mississauga!

  1. We especially need 18y+ volunteers for morning and afternoon shifts on weekdays! (= Thanks!! (=

    • I have sent in an application and am available to start next week. Please contact me as soon as possible 🙂

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