Final Days of July Adoption Promotion

Adopt a kitty in our Young, Adult or Senior adoption section for a reduced adoption fee of $100 vs. our standard fee of $175. Adopt a kitty 8 months or older – they truly need a loving family to adore them!  The last day of the promotion is Monday, July 30th.

Each cat has a two week assessment period in their foster home before being available for adoption.  This ensures that the cats that come into our care receive the medical attention they need and we learn about their personalities, likes & dislikes.  Our fee includes: spay or neuter, vaccination (and receive a rabies vaccination if age appropriate) and includes 6 weeks of free pet insurance.

Remember: When you adopt a cat from Toronto Cat Rescue you save two lives; the one you adopt and the one you make room for. Grab your carrier and open your heart and home to a sweet kitty.

To view all the adoptable kitties (275+) – click here.

2 Comments on “Final Days of July Adoption Promotion

  1. I accidentally have come across 3 abandoned starving cats. There could possibly be more. It is apparent that their families just moved away and left them behind. I don’t know how someone could be so heartless as to leave their pets behind to starve to death. They are so thin it is heart breaking. One of them, a black male is so thin he is nothing but skin and bones and he is losing his hair l’m sure to malnutrition, but it could be a variety of reasons. It is just such a pitiful sight to see as he came running up to me, he is so trustful and hopeful of humans the poor little soul. Reminded me of the SPCA commercial, the one I can’t watch because I fill up with tears every time and have to leave the room. I had to go back to the area as I was unable to think of anything else. I needed to see them again as I still am in denial that people are so cruel and heartless to do this to helpless trusting little animals. I brought a large bag of food and bottles of water for them if they were there, I was being hopeful that someone would of taken responsibility for them. When I got back there the sight that greeted me was heart breaking as there was two of them laying on the hot patio outside the empty house with no food or water but there was 2 neatly stacked empty food dishes. Poor souls were waiting for their masters, hopeful that they would return. Hopeful to be fed and loved and not forgotten. I was so glad to return with the food and water.. I quickly filled up the abandoned dishes with both and this is when I was really able to see how bad their situation was and how close to starvation they were. They have obviously have gone without regular feedings for a long long time as they r so emancipated. The black male so trusting came right over to me without hesitation and rolled on the ground for affection.. omg it was so sad. The little tabby kept her distance, so l backed away but the food was to much for her and she came running to join her friend to eat and drink.. I am unable to take them as I have already adopted two wonderful cats, 1 adopted through Petsmart adoption and the second little girl just showed up one day and kept coming back so in reality she adopted us and I also have two beautiful dogs. I am also unable to make daily trips to make sure they are safe and fed as as I live a substantial distance away. So at least in the meantime they have an 8 lb bag of cat food to survive on, of course if the racoons and other potential predators allow it to last. I have contacted agencies hoping that there was assistance for them, although the kind volunteers understood my plight they were unable to offer these poor little souls help as they did not have any available foster families and they do not have a facility to drop them off to. I contacted the City of Toronto and they blatantly just did not care as this is not a new situation and would do nothing and didn’t even offer me options. I found this disgusting as there website boasts help for feral and abandoned cats, what lies they spew. I’m just hopeful that some kind and like minded person will read this and understand how much these poor little things need help. Please if someone can help even to help feed them and check up on them until a Foster Family can be found this would be appreciated. Leave a contact number so I can reach you if the plight of few forgotten souls touch u and u can help. thank you and god bless.

    They r in the Shepard and Wilson area of Toronto and I’m in Brampton

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