PetSmart Volunteers Needed

Volunteers are needed at two of Toronto Cat Rescue’s affiliated PetSmart locations in Brampton and Vaughan. We are currently seeking volunteers to visit the cats in-store to make sure they have fresh food and water, clean bedding, dishes and litter boxes, as well as spend time cuddling and playing with the kitties! The shifts are one hour each and we need volunteers to go into the store each day to care for the kitties. Training is provided. session.  Please fill in our Volunteer Application if you would like to help!

PetSmart Brampton: 547 Steeles Ave. East / 905-874-9999 / map

PetSmart Vaughan7575 Weston Road / 905-850-8970 / map

3 Comments on “PetSmart Volunteers Needed

  1. I’m currently waiting a response from a volunteer as I submitted my volunteer form not too long ago, and I’m eager to await my response
    I love animals, and would love to cuddle and play with cats (even though I have little experience). I can’t wait! I’m confident that it’s gonna be great.

  2. Speaking as the mom of two volunteers and sometimes a volunteer myself, I suggest you help out if you possibly can. You give so little of your time and energy and get so much more in return. These cats and kittens love it when you cuddle with them and play with them for a little while. Everyone has just a little bit of extra time!!

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