TNR Volunteers Needed for TCR’s “Help For Cats” Callers

Toronto Cat Rescue is seeking committed volunteers in the GTA who are interested in joining a Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) team! Training will be provided.

“Marblecake” was trapped/spayed/returned to the 707 colony. She was spared from having a litter this Spring. She shows up every day at mealtime and is enjoying life in her managed colony.

TCR receives a magnitude of desperate calls from members of the public who want to help the stray and feral cats in their neighbourhood. Due to lack of resources, we are often unable to help these callers, and try our best to coach them through the process. This can seem daunting and most people are not up for the challenge, so not as many cats receive the help they so desperately need. TCR would love to build a strong team of trained trappers, transporters and recovery homes to help our concerned Line 3 callers.

Currently needed roles – please fill in the form below if you would like to help!

You will liaise with the TCR coordinator and colony caregiver in your local area to trap feral cats for spay/neuter/recover and release back to the colony. Depending on the number of cats in the colony and your trapping availability, the process could take up to several months before all the cats are successfully trapped and sterilized. A time commitment is required with colony projects, but we do have occurrences where only one cat needs to be trapped.

The trapped cat will have to be transported to a local clinic for surgery and to a recovery home after surgery, so a car (or a friend who can do the drive) is required with this position.

Recovery Homes:
You will liaise with the TCR coordinator and trapper to recover a feral cat after spay/neuter. Recovery time for males is approximately 24 hours and for females approximately 5 days. A small room or confined space in your home would be required for this.

TNR (M) is proven to be the most effective solution to manage the feral cat crisis. It is a fantastic way to help improve the lives of feral cats. If you would like to learn more or join up for this team, please submit an application today!

Donations needed:
We have a shortage of TNR equipment. Donations of humane live traps (both adult and kitten size) as well as medium sized dog crates would be greatly appreciated! Please call: (416) 538-8592, and leave a message after the beep with the item(s) you have for donation.  You may also make a monetary donation online via Canada Helps so that our volunteers may purchase the items in need.  Thank you!

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  1. I am willing to catch, bring in for care, and pay for care but I don’t think I can find this male burmese? cat a home and I need advise and possibly some help with the vet bills. is there anyone you can recommend?

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