Needed: In-Store Kitty Cuddlers

Daytime volunteers needed at Toronto Cat Rescue’s affiliated PetSmart Brampton location. We are currently seeking volunteers to visit the cats in-store to make sure they have fresh food and water, clean bedding, dishes and litter boxes, as well as spend time cuddling and playing with the kitties! Cute kittens and cats, like Boo, are there waiting to meet you!

PetSmart Brampton: 9065 Airport Road & Queen St / 905-789-0384 / map

Fill in our volunteer form today!

Note: TCR does not use pet stores as a shelter; instead they act as a temporary placement to give cats extra exposure, increasing their chances of being adopted.

3 Comments on “Needed: In-Store Kitty Cuddlers

  1. Boos story is so sweet. I hope she finds the home she deserves.

  2. Are any in-store kitty cuddlers needed in Scarborough? … this is where I live and would like to volunteer …

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