Happy Father’s Day from Benjamin & all the TCR cats!!

Adopt Big, Lovable Benjamin

Big, lovable Benjamin was rescued from a country shelter with a very large gash under his arm.  It was sutured but within a day he had ripped it open.  His arm was stitched once more and now Ben is finally on the road to recovery.  He was very brave and patient while his arm needed tending – he never complained once.

Benjamin loves people.  He loves to be with his foster mom and follows her so he can be close.  He likes to be the only cat though and can be very rough when he plays therefore he needs a home without any other cats or small children.  He did learn to get along with the dog in his foster home once he taught the dog that he was the boss.

Benjamin loves to lay in a sunny window and enjoy the warmth and watch the birds.  He is quite an explorer and you will find him in the funniest places.  Sometimes he falls asleep in the last place he was checking out.  Once he is sure that everything is okay he will come to snuggle and loves a good chin and ear rub.  He also has quite a large variety of sounds he makes and will try to talk to you. Benjamin is a very smart boy who knows his name and will make a wonderful and loyal companion.

Benjamin was born February 28, 2010 and has been neutered and vaccinated.   To adopt, call us 416-538-8592, press #1 / email us: tcr.adoptions@hotmail.com / fill in our adoption online form on our Adopt A Cat page. *Photography donated by Jenn Wilson.

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