Happy Mother’s Day: Meet Silver & Goldfinger!

Mother’s are amazing and the feline/animal variety should be just as appreciated as human mamas are. Silver and her daughter Goldfinger are a lovely duo who need to be adopted together. Silver (who we affectionately call ‘Mama’) was only a kitten herself when she gave birth to three babies in September 2011. Unfortunately, Mama and the kittens were separated, but she managed to find Goldfinger again, and now they are bonded and neither will do well without the other.

Silver and Goldfinger are a wonderful pair, and will be greatly missed at their foster home. They love to snuggle and sleep together, arms wrapped around each other, heads nuzzled together. They play together often, sometimes calling for each other from another room. They are looking for a home that will give them the space and support to become trusting adults, and live long happy lives together.

Silver is a sweet little girl born February 14th, 2011. She’s shy at first, very wary of humans, but now that she’s been with her foster family for a bit, she is chatty, playful and will wind herself around your legs and run from room to room with you. She loves to play – little toys that she can carry and flip around with her mouth are her favourite (like springs, little plastic tabs and pipe cleaners). She loves to sleep at the foot of the bed, or sprawled out in the cushiony dog bed. She does not liked to be picked up, unless you go very gently and give her lots of support underneath. We think there may be an old injury that is uncomfortable when she is picked up or petted hard on the back, but she loves tummy rubs! When she’s in a cuddly mood, she can be quite affectionate. She needs a family who understands her trust issues.

Goldfinger (who we call Goldie) is spunky, playful and very busy! She was born September 20th, 2011. She didn’t have a very good first experience with humans, so her new family will need to give her time and space to adjust to them and learn to trust them. It took a little bit of time for her foster family to be ‘allowed’ to get too ‘hands-on’ (she’s never angry about it, she would just rather you didn’t pick her up). However, she’s ALWAYS close by – she loves to see exactly who is doing what where, and she’ll never be far from the action. After a good play, she climbs to the top of her ‘tree’ (cat condo) and has a good long nap. She is incredibly playful, full of antics and acrobatics and loves to interact with her humans this way. Feathers and strings and little catnip toys will have her rolling around in glee. She’s also learning that being petted is really not so bad!

Silver and Goldfinger live with other cats and a dog in their foster home, and they really love having them around. They should only live with older children who respect their need for space. Their new family will also need to be aware of their previous outdoor life, and be watchful around open doors and windows, so that they don’t run away. A little tender loving care will go a long way with these too stunning gals!

Silver and Goldfinger have been spayed and vaccinated.. To adopt, call us 416-538-8592, press #1 / email us: tcr.adoptions@hotmail.com / fill in our adoption online form on our Adopt A Cat page.

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  1. They are both just beautiful. I hope they get a forever home soon!

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