Eugene: An Exotic Hanava Brown Cross

ADOPTED!!  Eugene was rescued from a rural shelter, where he faced the possibility of being euthanized due to overcrowding. Luckily Eugene was scooped up by a TCR foster home and brought to safety! Although Eugene may look black in his photos, he is actually a combination of dark and lighter fur that produces an almost chocolate brown cat – he is an Havana Brown cross!

He is extremely exotic and handsome as well as being gentle, mellow and affectionate. Eugene enjoys bird-watching in the windows. He finds the best patches of sun and stretches out like a king, and his preferred sleeping place is on the back of the chair against his foster mom’s neck. Eugene also likes to snoop into new things, and he is known for investigating the attached garage and car. Although he has a regal bearing, his voice is that of a little kitten with a cold. He does not have experience with young children but likes attention from his foster mom’s older grandchildren. He is young, healthy, fit, well adjusted and altogether ready for his new forever home.

What’s an Havana Brown? Read more here!

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