Very Special Cat Desperately Seeks Family

ON HOLD: Pakora was rescued from a high volume shelter.  She was so relieved to be rescued.  She adjusted so well into foster care.  She is a lovely cat who really appreciates a home.  

With an inquisitive personality, Pakora wants to know what you are up to even though she is still a little shy. Pure black with long black whiskers, Pakora got her name because she is made with love, but a little spicy too. She loves to sleep with you – even sharing the pillow if she can but needs a bit of patience as loud noises scare her (apart from hairdryers!). When she wants your attention she will sit of your foot – reminding you she is there and sometimes looks up at you with wide eyes uttering a short mew. Her lovely soft fur feels like a blanket when she comes to sit on your chest for a bit of R+R.

Unfortunately, she has tested positive for both FIV and FeLeuk.  She needs a very special home because of this. Her foster parents, while they would love to keep fostering her, can’t because they have plans to do extensive traveling. If you feel that you can accept her into your home, she will be a very grateful kitty!  In lieu of our standard adoption fee, a donation of your choice is appreciated.

Read more about FIV here.  Read more about FeLeuk here.

Pakora has been spayed, vaccinated and was born January 1, 2009. 

3 Comments on “Very Special Cat Desperately Seeks Family

  1. I hope she doesn’t have to wait too long to get a home – she’s beautiful!

  2. I love it when people can reach out and help a poor kitty like this. My parents had “Buttons” who had FIV and lived a good number of years. Adopt Pakora and I know you won’t regret it.

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