Rescue In Action: Hawksley Workman

ADOPTED: Hawksley Workman was rescued from a high kill shelter when he was just a baby. In his foster home he has proven to be the biggest love bug a foster family could ask for. He was rescued with his friends Alanis Morrisette and Joni Mitchell ( both adopted).

Hawksley experienced some trauma when he was only a few weeks old, leaving him with a broken elbow, a permanent limp and lots of pain in his front right leg. When he entered the TCR program his injury was far beyond repair, so the rescue made the difficult decision to amputate his leg, thus allowing him to live pain free for the first time. Hawksley was able to quickly adapt to being a three legged kitty, only slowing down long enough to change gears. It’s hard to remember the amount of pain the poor guy was rescued from as you watch him run, leap and pounce around the house. This little dude is certainly a special one.

To say Hawksley is a cuddle bug would be an understatement. This kitten is not happy unless he is lounging on your lap, or being carried around in your arms. His purr is non-stop, except for when he is sleeping, which he also enjoys. He has the cutest meow and when you talk to him, he will talk right back to you. He loves to sleep on the bed with you at night, often right on your chest or shoulders. What a cutie!

Hawksley is a kitten so he does get up to some mischief, but playing is his absolute favourite thing. During recovery from his operation he had to resign himself to playing with a kitten puppet and a laser pointer (to avoid further injury from rough housing), but now that he is better he is looking forward to playing with real kitties again. Hawksley would love to go to a forever home with another pet so he can have a new best friend. He deserves only the best!!

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  1. The 3 legged kitty reminded me on my pet cat many years ago… though he only got his front paw injured… my cat Blackie found a nice warm place inside the car’s engine room. not aware of what to happen next. The engine started and he got his paw injured by moving parts by the engine.. Stray cats or pet cats lock out of their home may be attracted by the warm vehicle engine or block heater.. the situation may not only be injuries but once the vehicle starts moving.. the cat/kitten may travel with the vehicle on a very busy and high speed highway… may panic and jump out from under the vehicle… vehicle rear wheels may run over poor kitty or the vehicle following yours… what can we do or think of to prevent this kind of tragedy/ies? Thanks

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