Drink and Be Merry!

Time to stock your bar!! Flat Roof Manor will be donating 50 cents per bottle of their Pinot Grigio and Merlot sold at LCBO locations across Ontario from April 1st to April 28th to Toronto Cat Rescue!

Makes a great wine for Easter dinner, or to bring as a hostess gift!

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  1. I found some bottles at the LCBO, in the South African wines section, on Bloor St. near Prince Edward and Royal York. (The LCBO location at Dundas & Jane where I went first didn’t seem to carry it.) However, even at the location where they were available, they were not very visible as they were on the far-left-edge of a shelf.

    I asked an employee to help me find them, and mentioned to him that donations from purchases of that particular brand were going to the Toronto Cat Rescue. He seemed quite interested to hear that, and supportive, and said he’s look into it to see if they had any info. on this, but it seemed that it was the first he’d heard of it. I got the sense that if the employees at the LCBO branches were aware of this initiative, they would be more proactive in giving the product prominence on shelves during the time the promotion in support of the ACR was taking place. Perhaps the ACR could ask the Flat Roof’s marketing people could send out some promo. material, with signage, etc. to draw attention to the initiative?

    Anyway, I bought 2 bottles and there were a few more left on the shelf.

    • Update: There were a few bottles of both the red and the white left at the LCBO on Dundas (between Jane & Runnymede) this weekend.

  2. Just great! I looked these up online and it seems that no Toronto LCBO has either one of them! Clicking on the ‘Flat Roof Manor’ website I discovered that someone in Oakville stocks it. Oakville is not Toronto. Now what?

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