Spring Shopping Benefiting Feral Cats!

These stunning Swarovski Crystal Earrings and Necklaces make excellent gifts for friends… or yourself!  The Swarovski Crystal earrings have sterling silver backings and are $20.00 each.  The necklace is $49.99  and is made with beautiful pink Swarovski Crystals with sterling silver wire. 50% from each item is generously being donated towards TCR’s feral colony work in Mississauga (Sue G’s colony)!  Click on pictures to enlarge.

Toronto Cat Rescue volunteers are busy trapping cats to Trap-Neuter-Release(Monitor) at the colony, but there are many more to go and the funds are greatly needed to support the project!  If you are interested in purchasing a set of earrings or a necklace (or one or more of each!) please fill in the online form below and a volunteer will get back to you shortly. 

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