Larry & Maddie – A Fabulous Pair Of Felines!

ADOPTED!! Larry and Maddie are bonded siblings that are seeking their forever home together – when separated they meow for each other!  They are kitty charmers who can’t wait to be adopted into their forever family – they promise lots of cuddles and to make you laugh with their cat antics!  They came to their foster home after their adoptive parents had to give them up and they settled in quickly and mixed extremely well with the two younger cats already in the home.  Both Larry and Maddie are easy to look after as they are well litter trained and easy to love as they are both so lovable!

Larry is a very handsome cat who loves his sister Maddie. He is the quieter of the two. He likes to cuddle, but is his own man and will only cuddle when he wants to. Larry likes to sit in high places so he can watch over what is going on around him.

Maddie is an affectionate and sociable cat with big loving eyes. She loves to snuggle and constantly comes up to you for attention. She loves nothing more than lazing around next to you and giving you love.

This fabulous pair of felines have been neutered/spayed, vaccinated and were born August 30, 2008.

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  1. We cannot wait to met Larry & Maddie tomorrow!!!

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