James Potter Needs You!!

UPDATE: James Potter has been adopted!!

James Potter (neutered, vaccinated, DOB September 1, 2009) is a loving boy with lots of energy and curiosity. He loves to play, jump and explore, but when he decides it is time to sleep, he will pass out anywhere for a much needed cat-nap. It is always amusing to watch what unusual position he will find comfortable for his nap. He loves to curl up and sit in the bathroom sink to watch his foster mom do her makeup, or pass out on her lap or sprawled out across her chest and stomach. He is a sweet boy who purrs loudly and when completely content will even drool a little.

James Potter is a handsome and bright boy who was rescued from a TCR managed feral colony in Toronto, where this sweetheart was dumped. He has adjusted to life in a foster home and is ready for a second chance. It has since been discovered that James Potter is Feline Leukemia Positive. Despite having the virus he is doing well in foster care. Most likely the Feline Leukemia virus could cause complications down the road. However, for now he is a healthy, stunning boy who deserves a proper chance to have a forever home.  Read more about Feline Leukemia: click here.

James Potter is fun and wonderful company. He will make a lovely addition to anyone’s super loving family. He can only go to a home with other cats if they are also Feline Leukemia positive, as it is a contagious virus. Please give this boy the forever home he so deserves!

2 Comments on “James Potter Needs You!!

  1. I hope this beautiful boy gets a nice home. My parents adopted a cat with a health issue and “Buttons” lived a long & healthy life until a few years ago. It broke their hearts to lose her but then “Dusty” wandered along – literally – from the forest behind their home. She visited every day and she adopted THEM. Give James a chance to shower you with affection, please.

  2. I trapped James when he was first rescued and let me tell ya – he hardly needed to be “trapped” at all because he walked right up to us – total strangers to him at the colony – and started rubbing up against our legs. He is a total doll with the absolute best personality! Please don’t turn him down because of a blood test. ANY cat can have unexpected health problems at any stage in their lifetime, and at the same time, many Leukemia cats live normal happy lives. They are often also the sweetest cats because they know how lucky they are to be in a home 🙂 Please adopt this lovely guy! If you do already have Leukemia cats at home, he is FANTASTIC with other cats!

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