Gorgeous Seeks Loving Family

Update: Gorgeous has been adopted and is now in his loving forever home!

Gorgeous is a very special cat with a very sad story (and we need you to give him his “happily ever after”) . TCR was contacted by a concerned citizen that had noticed Gorgeous in an industrial area where she worked. Gorgeous had a very large wound on his head, had blood leaking from his ears and a terrible eye infection. Plans were quickly made to get Gorgeous to a vet as soon as possible to receive treatment. His ears were so full of mites that Gorgeous had scratched himself raw, tearing a large piece of skin on the top of his head. His ears were badly damaged from the mites and frostbite. His cheeks were so swollen that he could barely open his eyes. To everybody’s surprise, this beat up tom cat was not feral at all and it turns out he had been living in an abandoned car for eight years! Remarkably the blood work for this senior cat came back completely normal, but he did test positive for FIV (read more about FIV here).

Gorgeous is now safe and happy in foster care and he is one of the sweetest cats his foster mom has ever met. He is so grateful to be indoors and is not shy in showing his appreciation for his new life. The moment he sees you he starts purring and kneading, looking up adoringly at you with his green eyes while he patiently waits for chin and bum scratches. He is very friendly with other cats and does not even mind the foster dog in his home. He has never hissed, growled or shown any type of aggressive behaviour. Now that Gorgeous (born January 1, 2003) has been neutered, vaccinated, had his wounds cleaned out, treated for mites, and has been on several antibiotics he is feeling like a new man. He will always have the scars on his ears and head as a reminder of his life on the streets, but this just gives him more character.

Gorgeous is ready to put the past behind him and soak up all the love he can get. He will make a wonderful companion for that special person that can open their heart to a rough looking older dude that just wants to be loved. TCR is also gratefully accepting donations toward the very expensive vet care that he received and donations can be made online via CanadaHelps.

3 Comments on “Gorgeous Seeks Loving Family

  1. When I read things like this, it gives me a really warm feeling. We love our little ‘Moe’, now known as Weevil Kinevil. He’s brought my partner and I even closer together, he’s our baby boy.

  2. You are doing a great job and what a difference in Gorgeous. I am glad we have people like you to take care of these animals. We adopted “ZacharY’ (now Sam Fella) and he has been great and a good playmate with “Kitty” . We love him dearly . Simon and Carolyn

  3. Please someone, give this beautiful boy a break in life by giving him a forever home. The love of a pet is worth its weight in gold and this lovely boy seems like he’d be perfect for an older person or senior needed a sweetie to keep them company!

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