Feral Cat Feeders Needed in Scarborough

Update: Thank you to everyone who offered to help – we now have daily feeders for this colony! 

Feral cat feeders are needed at a new TCR colony.  The 707 colony, located in the east end of Toronto at Kennedy/Eglinton, is desperately seeking dedicated feeders.  No experience is necessary.

Benjamin rescued as a young kitten from the 707 colony.

Feeding takes place daily between 6-7pm.  As a feeder you are asked to go weekly on your designated day(s), and put dry and wet cat food down. Feeders pay for their own food but will be given donations if we receive any. This is a great way to start helping TCR and directly makes a difference in the lives of needy cats. You stay in touch with the colony trappers to ensure any new cats are reported. The cats will be so thankful for your good deed!

Important note: There are 3 separate feeding areas within a one kilometer radius, so a car is needed. At one of the locations there are three cute kitties (spayed females) who are waiting for their meal when you arrive. It’s a delight to watch them fill their hungry tummies!

About the 707 Colony:

In early December of 2011, TCR was contacted by a woman, who had been feeding
approximately 15 feral cats and kittens since April, 2011. She was moving to another
province and needed someone to continue feeding the cats. TCR receives dozens of calls like this each day, and it’s impossible to answer every plea, but luckily, one of our volunteer colony caretakers was able to assist. Besides helping with regular feeding, Trap-Neuter-Return (Monitor) began immediately. To date, 14 cats have been trapped and sterilized. 10 of these cats are females, and that has already reduced this year’s springtime litters substantially. About 80% of last year’s kittens did not make it – a sad statistic that we encounter all the time in feral colonies, hence the urgency of TNR(M). Friendly cats and kittens (like Benjamin in the picture) were taken into foster care. Most of them have already found their forever loving homes.

Further assessment of this colony reveals that there are actually about 25-30 cats. To date at least $2,000 has been spent on TNR, including spay/neuter, vaccines, parasite treatment, ear tipping and medical problems. Donations are needed to continue the TNR efforts until the remaining cats are all spayed/neutered. Please donate via CanadaHelps – make sure you make a note your donation is for the 707 Colony.  All help is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hello, I’m in McCowan and Steeles area, and I have been feeding a number of cats for the past year. I currently have a mother cat and her litter of 5 kittens (1 month old) staying near our house who are quite friendly, (I can pet it, and carry the mother cat in short distances near our feeding area) The kittens are also being socialized as I speak, and are friendly to humans. However, due to logistic reasons I can’t take them in. Can someone please advise as to what I can do to help them find a new home? Also, would definitely like to get the mother cat fixed, but not sure when the mother cat can undergo the operation? As the mother cat sometimes still feed her kittens. However, the kittens are now eating soft food.

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