Meet Molly and Polly from Kuwait

Update: The girls have been adopted!

Molly and Polly are no ordinary kittens – they came to Toronto all the way from Kuwait. A Canadian expat rescued them as babies, and when she couldn’t find them a good home, she contacted TCR for help. These two brave little girls have made a long journey to Toronto in search of a better life.

Street cats live a grim life in the Middle East, where there is a huge pet overpopulation problem. Tiny, helpless and abandoned at only a week old, Molly and Polly (also known as Thuraya and Hadiyah, which mean ‘star’ and ‘gift’ in Arabic) were found near death by a kind woman who has helped many strays in Kuwait. She bottle-fed them, cleaned them, and loved them until they regained their strength. After much hard work and TLC from their rescuer, these girls are now happy and healthy princesses who melt the hearts of everyone they meet! Their Kuwait foster mom already has four rescue cats herself, and desperately tried to re-home Molly and Polly locally. When all avenues failed, she reached out to TCR. After much effort and cooperation from many people, Molly and Polly finally boarded a plane for their long trip to Canada.

Molly loves to snuggle and nuzzle her face into your hands. She also cannot resist batting at your hair when you get down to play with her. Polly is the protector. From the start, she took care of Molly and kept her safe. They love to cuddle in all sorts of adorable poses. Molly and Polly are a bonded pair and after all they have been through, they need to go to a forever home together.

These gorgeous, affectionate girls are very special indeed. As their rescuer told us: “Even though they are just kittens, they must know how incredibly lucky they are to be given such a wonderful opportunity by Toronto Cat Rescue (I sure am).”

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  1. WOW Beautiful story, AWESOME work TCR and all the beautiful rescuer souls involved!!!! I’m so happy we make significant donations to TCR every year, money well used!!!! Blessings to all):-

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