Update: Jimmy’s Available For Adoption!

Jimmy is now ready for some forever lovin'


You may remember Jimmy – he was featured on our website at the beginning of December 2011. Jimmy is a very fortunate guy! Two TCR volunteers happened to be at a high kill shelter shortly after Jimmy was brought into the shelter with two badly broken legs. It is not known how he broke his legs or how he came to be at the shelter. Shelter staff were immediately taken by Jimmy. It was evident that he was very special – despite the immense pain he was in, his will, optimism, courage and kindness shone brightly.

The two TCR volunteers were able to quickly get approval to save this brave boy and he was whisked away to a wonderful TCR vet. It was determined that his injuries would require surgery and would be quite costly. Thankfully many people responded to TCR’s plea for donations to save this little guy. Many thanks to all of you who donated to save this very special boy!

Jimmy is so happy to have a second chance.

Jimmy would stay at the vet for the next two months following the surgery while his injuries healed. Not only did he have to endure the pain of the injuries, his healing required him to be caged, his front paws to be bandaged in pink, and possibly the worst was he had to wear one of those ugly cones. Jimmy was an excellent patient – not a complaint. He is very smart and taught himself to sit solidly on his hind legs with his front legs flopping like a bunny. Every time a human would come to his cage his loud motor purr would start and he would rub up against his cage. The vet clinic became very attached to sweet Jimmy.

Finally the day came for his foster mom to take him home. The vet techs who had lovingly nurtured him shed a tear of happiness. There is one pin left in one of his legs that will have to be removed in 3 – 6 months time, but TCR will work with Jimmy’s forever family to set-up that appointment. With only a tiny hint of a limp you wouldn’t even noticed it, if you weren’t told all that he has been through.

Jimmy loves cats, dogs and people!

Jimmy is currently being fostered in a home with two dogs – a large sled dog and a hyperactive beagle as well as two cats, one male and one female. He gets along fantastically with all of them and would be happiest in a home with other pets. Jimmy is super affectionate and is dog-like in temperment. He is also a silly boy who will bring a smile to your face with his positive outlook. He must go to a home with other pets and to a home where his people don’t mind tons of “sandpaper kisses”! He is best suited in an adult-only home or in a home with older, gentle children.

Jimmy has been neutered, vaccinated and was born June 1, 2011.

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