Roselawn Feral Colony

Written by: Joanne – Feral Colony Care Giver

The Roselawn Colony is located near Roselawn Ave. and Marlee Ave. in Toronto. During the winter of 2007-08 I happened to notice a number of cats were gathered outside in a small park near a residential and semi-industrial area in my neighbourhood.  I started to bring food to the cats and constructed winter shelters for them as well. During subsequent years, with the help of TCR, I began a program of trap-neuter-return (TNR). I was also able to find forever homes for many of these cats that had become more sociable to humans and/or were semi-feral. The endeavour was very successful, with the result that no kittens were born in the colony during 2011!

The colony cats are provided with water, wet and dry food at least once per day, as
well as winter shelters.  Neighbourhood strays frequently find their way to the colony (or are abandoned there by their owners). These unfortunate cats are all taken to the vet and are provided with medical care, if needed. So far, wonderful homes have been found for all of these socialised cats. With ongoing colony care and management, it is hoped that the Roselawn Colony will remain small, disease-free and kitten-free in the years to come.

Do you want to help the Roselawn Colony?  Donations are always greatly appreciated to purchase food and supplies for the cats, along with medical expenses for the newcomers.  You may donate online via CanadaHelps or visit our Ways To Donate page. Every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated.

2 Comments on “Roselawn Feral Colony

  1. how did u get your colony on here? i registered mine but heard nothing back. Am i suppose to not hear anything back after you register your colony? I sent in that survey about the colony.. that’s how i do it right?

  2. This is a very touching story and so glad to hear that the colony is not getting any bigger and that the cats that are socialized have gone to a forever homes. The ironic thing is, I know exactly where this spot is because I work very close to the area in question. I’m so glad that the colony has someone so dedicated and caring looking after it. You are a true angel and so are the people who volunteer their time to helping out TCR.

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