Mr. Tough Guy

Mr. Tough Guy *adopted*
Neutered, Vaccinated, Viral Tested Negative, DOB October 1, 2009.

Mr. Tough Guy is quite a character! When Mr. Tough Guy is in the mood, he will pat his foster person gently on the arm as she works on the computer, he loves to be held like a baby, and purrs and purrs as he settles in for some lap time and pets. He has also been known to groom his person affectionately. His nickname has become “Swishy” as will swish his tail around when he is feeling happy.

Mr.Tough Guy has some funny ideas about cat friendship. When he especially likes a cat he will bite them – a gesture that his cat roommates continue to be confused by. As the youngest cat in the household, he is a little bit of a brat, as he loves excitement. He enjoys provoking a reaction, but he is not a mean spirited cat at all. Mr.Tough Guy would do well in a household with another energetic young male that he could romp with. He can be a curmudgeon sometimes, who can be nippy, so a home without young children would suit him best. He is shy about making new human friends, so a quiet , patient household is recommended. If you are looking for a handsome, loyal friend, who is loads of fun, then Swishy is the guy for you!

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