Heston *adopted*

Neutered, Vaccinated, DOB October 31, 2007.

Heston is a totally gorgeous shiny black boy who was rescued as a stray from a colony of feral cats. Probably, he was yet another dumped kitty dropped off “at the perfect spot” by bad pet owners. Many kitty dumpers who don’t want to pay shelter surrender fees think that if they drop the cats off at colonies the wild cats will help show the newbie where to get food and shelter. Sadly it is the opposite and newcomers such as Heston get beat up until we can rescue them.

Because of this history, Heston would really rather not be adopted into a home with other cats. On his own Heston is a real baby guerrilla and wants to suck up all the love he can get. This poor guy wants a second chance at a forever home.

Can you give him kisses and hugs for life?

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