Dolby *adopted*
Neutered, Vaccinated, DOB January 1, 2010.

Dolby (aka Mr. Cuddles) is an absolutely splendid fellow who ticks all the right boxes in the list of ‘things that make an awesome kitty’. He’s well-built and solid but not portly, elegant but never aloof, cuddly and friendly but not annoyingly needy, and beautiful but still very manly. To fit with his relaxed and gentle attitude, he also has the softest, most pettable fur imaginable – what a guy!

His coat’s colouring is also magnificent – he’s got the paws and belly of a classic grey and white ‘tuxedo’ cat, but combined with chunky steel grey mackerel striping down his flanks, which somehow still manages to be subtle to the eye. It’s almost like he’s sporting a slightly worn business suit, which had the pinstripes drawn onto it with a big fat marker pen! His chin is decidedly tickly, his eyes are bright and clear – really, he’s just an all-round cutie!

This perfect guy is incredibly easy to please – he loves his toys, his cuddles, his pets, and to just be with you. He uses his scratching post well (and not his foster parents couch!). Rescued from a high-kill shelter by kind TCR volunteers, he knows that he’s living the good life now, and he’ll show his appreciation by being great company and a wonderful friend to whomever is wonderful enough to take him home, and welcome him into their family, and their heart, forever.

… And, no, we’ve not heard him purr in digital surround sound just yet… but we bet that if you pet him just right, he’ll give it his best shot!

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