Fellas Seeking Forever Companions

Want to have a manly, good looking, year-round companion with a winning personality?  TCR has some “big headed ole tom cats” that are seeking their forever families.  They will make the purr-fect Valentine’s Day companion and are the best kind of “gem” to have and to hold always. 

Read more about these dudes personalities by clicking “permalink” (below their picture / right hand corner).

Happy Valentine’s Day From The Cats of TCR!!

Remember: NO Valentine’s Day chocolate for the fabulous felines in your lives, even a small amount of chocolate can be deadly to cats! If you want to give kitty a special something, please give them cat friendly treats, catnip, cat grass – or a good grooming session, cuddle or interactive playtime.  Read more: Chocolate Toxicity in Cats and Dogs.

One Comment on “Fellas Seeking Forever Companions

  1. The toms have always been my fav fosters! Calm, stoic, and super easy-going!! People often assume because they are “ex-Toms” they are aggressive with other cats, but I have actually found it to be the opposite. Once they’ve had the good old “snip snip” they turn into big lugs of love!

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