New Affiliated TCR Pet Store In Little Italy

We have very exciting news, Pet Uno located  just east of Ossington Ave on College Street in Toronto has partnered with TCR to foster cats in their lovely store!  Pet Uno carries supplies for cats, dogs, birds, fish and small animal companions.  They specialize in pet nutrition, wholesome treats, pet accessories and more!  Grooming is now available, with daycare and a venue for pet parties or special occasions coming soon.

TCR does not use pet stores as a shelter; instead they act as a temporary placement to give cats extra exposure outside of their foster homes, thus increasing their chances of being adopted.  Currently at our new location is kitten George!

Pet Uno Toronto: 675 College St. /  647-727-0758 / map /Facebook Page

ADOPTED! George is the perfect kitten – he loves to cuddle, give kisses and play. He is no regular lazy Garfield at all!! He loves his crinkle ball and will run and follow you around the room. He likes other cats and children. He is waiting for a loving home with other playful cats or a family that will give him lots of attention and playtime.  Neutered, Vaccinated, DOB October 1, 2011.

Thank-you Pet Uno for helping George, plus three TCR kittens already adopted from this store (and many future cats and kittens) find their loving forever families!

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  1. Hello,,
    What a cousins cat is named Enzo,i gave him that name and thought i was the only one ever to come up with that name..haha..Pinin is short for Pininfarina..Maser is short for Maserati,and i drive a little guy we adopted is incredible…what a cat!..they both bonded so strongly that they’re inseparable…this little kitty is just so kissable and huggable.

  2. I was one of Maxs foster moms and I am so glad to see that he has finally found a permanent home, my personal thanks to TCR and Crystal and her husband for making sure Max found such a great place.

  3. We adopted Georges brother, a white creamish caramel kitty..if George is his little bro then George is an outbreed bengal,,,we noticed our maser- short for maserati.. sleeping on his back the first night,i took photos and you can see his rosettes,,he is the most lovable little kitty,the sweetest kitty ever..the second day we taught him how to fetch his ball,he flies over the couch and retrieves the ball flying back over the couch and laying the ball down to be repeated till we get tired,about have video of maser fetching,.smart little guy….and the best part is our 20 month old 17 pounds of solid muscle bengal adores him.

    • Hi John,

      I have adopted George…. now named Link after the video game hero.

      We have noticed he has very similar marking to his new friend (my cat Enzo) who is an Egyptian Mau…. they also have the same personality.
      I agree that he has to be bred with something that broke up his stripes as he is developing spots as he gets bigger. He also has the cute “vest buttons” on his chest.

      We hope Maser is as much a blessing as Link has been !!

      ~Samantha and Cory

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