Update: TCR’s Max (Maxamillionaire) is now in Utah!

As many of our supporters may recall, over the past year we sent out several desperate pleas for Max (Maxamillionaire) who needed a forever home. Max is a sweet black and white cat who looks like a little cow. He was rescued from the streets of a rural community a couple of years ago. Unfortunately, Max tested positive for FIV and also had a bacterial infection in his bowels that still causes him problems. His forever home did not seem to be coming. He spent time at several TCR vets and TCR foster homes and was loved by all, but no one was able to keep him, and no adopters came along. This very special boy needed a very creative solution to his housing plight. We are a no-kill rescue, so this left us with quite a predicament when it comes to “unadoptable” cats like Max.

We filled out an application to send Max to Best Friends Animal Society in Angel Canyon, Utah. This organization makes every effort to place dogs and cats who are considered “unadoptable” into good homes and provides safe housing for them until that home comes along. We were thrilled to hear that after his application was processed, Max was accepted into the sanctuary! It was perfect timing because the vet that was boarding him was running out of space in the clinic, which meant he needed to be moved (again).

Although excellent news, the next problem was: “How are we going to get Max to Utah?”.  We called out to our core volunteers to see if anyone was traveling to Las Vegas (the closest major city to the sanctuary). Ironically, Crystal who first rescued Max, was taking a trip to Las Vegas with her husband and agreed to squeeze in a trip to Best Friends while they were there. Quickly arrangements were made to fly Max with our caring volunteer! A pet friendly hotel was booked and a car was rented.

Max made the 4.5 hour trip to Angel Canyon, Utah with our TCR volunteers and has settled in wonderfully at Best Friends.  Check out pictures of Max’s big journey to Best Friends!  Note: Click “Permalink” at the bottom right of an image when viewing the gallery to read the photo’s description.

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  1. I’m so happy for this sweet boy. Long and happy life for you MAX.

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