Patches in Newcastle

Meet Patches: pre-trapping

Patches is a big and fabulous boy who joined the Newcastle feral colony approximately 10 months ago and has been through the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) program with Toronto Cat Rescue. It is possible that at one time Patches was a pet as he shows the ability to receive and give affection to his colony feeder. Unfortunately his time outdoors has made him leary of humans and he is unhappy if brought indoors.

Lately, Patches health has been suffering. He has been having difficulties eating and salivates profusely and demonstrates pain when he is chewing his food. At times, he will even open his mouth wide and howl in pain. He has been eating a bit of wet food, but continues to lose weight due to not being able to eat properly.

Due to his issues with his painful mouth he is unable to groom himself and he has become quite a mess. Recently he has also suffered an eye injury or contracted an eye infection and his eye looks incredibly sore and painful.

Patches getting help at the vet office

As you can see from his pictures, this brave big boy needs some TLC and vet care ASAP. After several weeks of trying to trap him, trappers finally caught this boy this weekend with a drop trap, and brought him to a TCR vet. His medical care has been quoted at $600 by the vet that is currently taking care of him, and this is mostly to fix up his mouth as it is abscessed. The vet had to shave his entire body because his mouth was so bad he stopped cleaning himself. After his surgery Patches will recover in a feral cat recovery home and he will then be placed in a barn so that he can have the best of both worlds for a feral cat like him: warm and safe shelter, as well as the freedom he so desires!

Donations are needed and greatly appreciated to help TCR with Patches medical bill – please donate today!  You may donate online via CanadaHelps or visit our Ways To Donate page. Every dollar counts and is greatly appreciated.

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  1. I donated funds in support of Patches early this year and would love to hear an update on his condition. Poor old fellow–he deserved better. Pam Stevens

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