Feral Cat Feeders Needed in Toronto

Update: We have volunteer feral feeders for every day of the week – thank you to everyone that offered to help!

Feral cat feeders are needed at TCR’s Vaughan/Oakwood colony, located in the west end of Toronto (map).

The colony is sheltered and fed daily. Feeding takes place around 6-7pm. As a feeder you are asked to go weekly on your designated day, and put bowls of dry cat food down. In the winter you need to put warm water down for the cats to ensure it does not freeze before they drink it. Feeders pay for their own food but will be given donations if we receive any. This is a great way to start helping TCR and directly make a difference in the lives of needy cats. You stay in touch with the colony trappers to ensure any new cats are reported. The cats that will greatly appreciate your efforts.

About the Vaughan/Oakwood Colony:

In June 2009 TCR trappers stumbled upon a huge cat colony in the Vaughan/Oakwood neighbourhood. About a dozen cats were sitting on the front lawn of a house, and when a can of cat food was opened even more cats and kittens came darting out from inside some thick bushes. The trappers knocked on the door of the house and found out that the homeowner had been living there for twenty years and that the cat colony had been there, in various generations, the whole time. Its size stayed around twenty to thirty cats because many of the litters of kittens would die or neighbours would give them away, and adult cats frequently would get hit by cars. Trap-Neuter-Return began immediately.

Meanwhile, another colony of cats down the street from this site, who slept and ate under a large tarp in an apartment building parking lot, were TNR’d as well.

From June 2009-2010 a total of over seventy-eight cats and kittens were trapped (including newborn kittens)! These included cats from the original front lawn, as well as from behind the apartment building, and from a third location on another front porch about ten minutes from the original colony. Of that number, thirty-one cats were TNR’d and forty-seven were adopted through TCR’s foster program. The difference is truly incredible – the colony is calm and well-fed and feeders are no longer overwhelmed by starving cats rushing them when they walk on the property.

Although the original colony site is controlled, new kitties continue to occasionally show up and trapping must continue to manage the colony. Insulated shelters have been set up and daily feeders care for the cats. TCR trappers have also started trapping at three different houses not far from the original site.  These three houses have many more cats left to be trapped, and TCR is committed to continuing our TNR program until the overpopulation in this area is controlled. Finances are always an issue however, as each cat costs us at least $100 to spay/neuter, fully vaccinate, ear tip, and treat for parasites and medical problems.

It is estimated that TCR has spent at least $10,000 on this colony since we started. If you are able to donate towards our efforts via CanadaHelps, please don’t hold back!

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