Update: Archie & Alice – A Lovable Pair

Update: January 14th – Archie and Alice have been adopted!

On November 13th, 2011 we posted about Archie and Alice, a bonded pair of adult cats that are in need of a forever home together.  This lovable pair are still seeking their forever home.  They really need to be adopted into a cozy home, vs. the vet office they are currently being fostered at.  Please adopt these amazing cats, or help TCR find them a home by sharing their story with all potential adopters.  Thank you!

Five year old Alice and her brother Archie are like Batman and Robin! They cannot be separated as they always watch out for each other. Large Archie is the typical big brother always on the look out for sweet, little Alice.

These gorgeous loveable siblings were sadly left unwanted and abandoned when their elderly owner passed away. Their only fate was deemed to be euthanasia by their owner’s family.  Thankfully a kind vet thought otherwise and is fostering them while they wait for a forever home.

If you were to look in the dictionary beside the word “loveable” you would find Alice and Archie smiling back at you. They both love being with you and taking part in everything you do. Their gentle nature will be a wonderful addition to any household.

They have been spayed/neutered and vaccinated.

4 Comments on “Update: Archie & Alice – A Lovable Pair

  1. My Archie looks exactly like the beauty on the left. Hope you find a home for them soon. If we were not already fostering cats for EHS we would love to take them in. Come on people do what’s right.

  2. I’ve added Archie & Alice’s pic and TCR’s website link to my blog in the hopes that someone will step forward to help.

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