Happy Holidays with Happy Tails!

Tuli: happy & loved in his forever family.

Without our amazing adopters, TCR volunteers would not be able to rescue the kitties in need.  Toronto Cat Rescue is often the only hope for a homeless, abandoned, sick or injured cat. We help cats escape situations of abuse, neglect, or imminent euthanasia. We see some terribly sad cases, but happily many of them have positive outcomes thanks to all the caring cat lovers who adopt from us.

Please enjoy our gallery of “Happy Tails”click here!   Whether you adopted your kitty yesterday or years ago, we would love an update on your family.  To have your story posted on our website, please submit your Happy Tail to Michelle – TCR.HappyTails@gmail.com and include: your kitties TCR name, picture and an update.  You could also post a quick update in the “Comments” section on this page.

The volunteers and cats of Toronto Cat Rescue wish you a very safe and happy holiday season! Thank you for all your support in 2011!

6 Comments on “Happy Holidays with Happy Tails!

  1. “Mooch” isn’t a lap cat either but he does love attention. He started out friendly, but distant – didn’t sleep in the bed, but that has now changed. Some cats do eventually become lap cats over time, you never know.

  2. We adopted “Aleya” in October (Petsmart Steeles Ave, Brampton), she has brought so much joy to my husband and myself. She is not a lap cat, much to my husband’s disapointment. I have heard of this, but never had a cat that doesn’t like to walk on uneven surfaces, believe that is why she doesn’t get on laps. She is so active, had a litter of kittens, and of course they were adopted and not Mom. She is 1-1/2 years old, but still has a lot of “kitten” in her, plays with paper balls, not her toys!! Our previous cat “Buttons”, had to be “put to sleep as I like to say” in July, took a lot of looking and thinking to decide I wanted to get another–so glad we did.

    • i have a non-lap cat too! when you think about it, not only are laps very unpredictable surfaces, but also, it’s a dreadful invasion of personal space, really- and he’s a sensitive fellow, my young cat-man (a shelter kitty), so i understand why he’s not keen on it.
      as a plus, he LOVES to sit beside me when he’s feeling snuggly, and he loves it if i go and sit or kneel by him too (when he’s in the mood)- he throws himself on the ground at my feet and presents his belly for rubbing quite often too, (usually in the kitchen next to the treat cupboard, if he thinks he’s in with a chance!) so i often kneel down and we have a good tickle-session there. he’s actually recently started hesitantly walking across my man when he lays on the couch snoozing, and lying next to him with his head resting on a bit of arm or leg- so i think there is hope.
      kitties are wonderfully contrary and unique little creatures- i think you just have to let them come around and ‘accidentally’ become their own special sort of ‘lap’ cats when they’re ready, and try and appreciate all their other awesome traits meanwhile- cos there is no hope that they’ll ever do anything to our agendas! 😀
      your young cat lady may just be revisiting her lost kittenhood, still- she’s just a teenage girl really- and one with excellent taste in toys, by the sounds of it. my little man loves paper balls (crumpled cupcake liners are his favourite- all crunchy and crisp and lightweight)- he loves playing with fast food drinking straws too (supervised of course)- they make wonderful noises as the air moves inside them!

  3. I adopted “Mooch” through PetSmart (in Kitchener) back in June after losing my long-time felinie companion on Valentine’s Day. Mooch was an older cat (2 at the time) and had been fostered a few times, but from the moment I picked him up, I knew he was coming home with me. I’ve been to that store a number of times since and the lady who was helping with him told me I came along just at the right time, as he was getting a little sad. He isn’t sad nowadays – he’s my goofy little buddy and I’m still trying to get used to some of his odd habits (like scratching the floor after he finishes eating)

    I will post a picture when I get one, but thanks from a pet owner and his little pal.

    • brett- mooch is scentmarking his dinner area with his paws when he does that- it’s sort of like sticking a ‘property of mooch’ smell on the area (one that people-noses just aren’t good enough to smell) – just incase anybody was thinking of strolling in and taking his leftovers.
      cats quite often do the same thing outside of their litterbox- it looks like they’re trying to tidy up spilled litter sprinkles, or are too daft to realise that they’re digging invisable litter outside of the box- but really they’re writing ‘this here is mine- keep off, nosey stranger-kitties!’ on their stuff.
      mine do that with the dinner area sometimes, too. well, usually one does it- and then the other comes along, and rubs off his smell, and rubs her smell over the top.. and the first one comes and covers it again… it goes on and on sometimes.
      some of the TCR cats do it in stores where i volunteer, too- and boy are they peeved when i come in and clean everything- cos then they have to re-autograph all their stuff!
      crazy kitties! 😀

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